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Handmade Jörmungandr Viking KnifeHandmade Jörmungandr Viking Knife
Save £53.00Viking Battle Axe with Etched Norse SymbolsViking Battle Axe with Etched Norse Symbols
Viking Battle Axe with Etched Norse Symbols Sale price£136.99 Regular price£189.99
Handmade Hunting Knife
Handmade Hunting Knife Sale price£44.95
Handmade Viking KnifeHandmade Viking Knife
Handmade Viking Knife Sale priceFrom £59.95
Save £70.00Ragnar Lothbrok Viking AxeRagnar Lothbrok Viking Axe
Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Axe Sale price£149.99 Regular price£219.99
Save £76.00Viking Axe with Engraved RunesViking Axe with Engraved Runes
Viking Axe with Engraved Runes Sale price£116.99 Regular price£192.99
Save £30.00Handmade Full Carbon Steel Viking KnifeHandmade Full Carbon Steel Viking Knife
Handmade Full Carbon Steel Viking Knife Sale price£69.95 Regular price£99.95
Save £35.00Viking Cleaver KnifeViking Cleaver Knife
Viking Cleaver Knife Sale price£84.95 Regular price£119.95
Save £20.00Handmade Viking Boning KnifeHandmade Viking Boning Knife
Handmade Viking Boning Knife Sale price£39.95 Regular price£59.95
Save £40.00Viking Boning Knife
Viking Boning Knife Sale price£39.95 Regular price£79.95
Viking Butcher KnifeViking Butcher Knife
Viking Butcher Knife Sale price£39.95
Save £20.00Hand-forged Viking Raven KnifeHand-forged Viking Raven Knife
Hand-forged Viking Raven Knife Sale price£75.95 Regular price£95.95
On saleNorseforge Cleaver KnifeNorseforge Cleaver Knife
Norseforge Cleaver Knife Sale priceFrom £49.95
Save £37.00Wooden Chopper Cleaver
Wooden Chopper Cleaver Sale price£87.95 Regular price£124.95
Save £20.00Viking Axe with Engraved OuroborosViking Axe with Engraved Ouroboros
Viking Axe with Engraved Ouroboros Sale price£179.95 Regular price£199.95
Serbian Clad Steel KnifeSerbian Clad Steel Knife
Serbian Clad Steel Knife Sale price£84.95
Meat Cleaver Knife
Meat Cleaver Knife Sale price£79.95
Bone Chopper CleaverBone Chopper Cleaver
Bone Chopper Cleaver Sale price£79.95
Save £20.00Meat Chopper Cleaver
Meat Chopper Cleaver Sale price£79.95 Regular price£99.95
Save £20.00Serbian Butcher Knife
Serbian Butcher Knife Sale price£79.95 Regular price£99.95
Save £20.00Viking Carbon Steel KnifeViking Carbon Steel Knife
Viking Carbon Steel Knife Sale price£49.95 Regular price£69.95
Skeggøx Norse Axe with Engraved RunesSkeggøx Norse Axe with Engraved Runes
Handmade Bone Chopper
Handmade Bone Chopper Sale price£84.95
Save £30.00Handmade Wooden Cleaver
Handmade Wooden Cleaver Sale price£69.95 Regular price£99.95
Serbian Steel Cleaver
Serbian Steel Cleaver Sale price£74.95